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Baulux Series

Where Elegance Meets Essence 

Baulux is an homage to those who seek the extraordinary. It's where the simplicity of design meets the opulence of detail. This collection transcends conventional aesthetics, offering a palette of finishes that whisper luxury and an essence that speaks to the soul. From the deep, rich tones of natural wood to the refined textures, Baulux is an embodiment of an essential bond with nature, manifesting in colours, textures, and an aura of refined tranquillity. Baulux is not just a collection; it's a celebration of the extraordinary, where the simplicity of form marries the richness of detail, crafting spaces that aren't just lived in but are experienced.

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High end German kitchen cabinets baulux collection
German kitchen cabinetry BT45 KANAN Series 11


Experience the Ceramic Collection by Baulux, where minimalist luxury meets modern resilience, perfect for enhancing sunlit spaces with sleek ceramic elegance.
BAULUX | ceramic

Metallo + Legna

Metallo + Legna ignites your space with an electrifying blend of wood’s warmth and metal’s brilliance, crafting an exhilarating atmosphere of luxurious contrast.
Baulux | Metallo + Legna
Bauformat BC Kitchen cabinets Baulux series Metallo + Legna
Bau Family of kitchens Bauformat BC cabinetry in British Columbia


Experience the Struttura collection from Baulux: A masterful fusion of nature's patterns and architectural elegance, inviting a journey through intricate designs.
Baulux | Struttura


Explore the essence of the Concreto series by Baulux: a blend of artisanal mastery and the timeless beauty of cement finishes, crafted for enduring elegance.
Baulux | Concreto
Baulux Concreto collection
Bauformat BC Kitchen cabinets Baulux series Verre collection


Explore the Verre Series by Baulux: A stunning fusion of strength and style, where tempered glass brings kitchens to life with its resilient, crystal-clear elegance.
Baulux | Verre


Alpi redefines wood finishes, marrying nature's art with craftsmanship. Each piece sings the praises of natural elegance, transforming your space with the vibrant soul of wood.
Baulux | Alpi
Baulux collection Alpi
Bauformat BC Kitchen cabinets Baulux series Decorativa cover


Dive into the Decorative Series: Where minimalism meets magnetism. Each piece, a striking blend of architectural design and luxurious simplicity, instantly elevates any interior with its stylish allure.
Baulux | Decorativa


The Dekton series is where the essence of luxury kitchen design meets the pinnacle of durability. A Cosentino collaboration that transforms the kitchen space into a visionary masterpiece.
Baulux | Dekton
Bauformat BC high end German kitchen cabinets Baulux collection Dekton series
Bauformat isn’t just about building kitchens; it’s about forging memories and crafting spaces that resonate with your lifestyle. As we continue to innovate and expand our horizons, we invite you to be a part of our journey, a journey where every kitchen tells a story – your story.
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