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Bathrooms Beyond the Ordinary!

Step into a world sculpted by your imagination and Bauformat's mastery, where luxury transcends the ordinary, and every detail whispers tales of unparalleled elegance. Here, the essence of your desires intertwines with the pinnacle of German craftsmanship, creating not just bathrooms, but sanctuaries of refined indulgence. With every curve, line, and texture, allow us to escort you through a gallery of possibilities, where your vision comes alive with a finesse that only Bauformat can deliver.
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Custom Bau Vanities

Elevate Your Essence: Where Design Meets Desire
Our Custom Bau vanities offer an unmatched spectrum of design possibilities. With access to the Baulux and Bauformat door collections, we provide a foundation for creativity that knows no bounds. Whether you seek the minimalistic elegance of modern design or the warmth and richness of traditional aesthetics, our custom vanities become the cornerstone of your bathroom's identity.
Bau Bathroom completed jobs
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Bau bathrooms Badea classic collection como signalrot black 2Bau bathrooms Badea classic collection treviso snowdonia me 2

Classic and Classic Vario Ranges

Elegance and Precision in Classic Collections:

Our Classic and Classic Vario collections present a spectrum of design possibilities, featuring an expansive selection of front decors and handles. With the innovative TipOn technology, we offer furniture designs that are both sleek and functional. Classic Vario elevates this concept further, providing custom-fit solutions that integrate seamlessly into your architectural vision, complete with an advanced basin design that eschews the traditional overflow hole for a cleaner aesthetic in both glossy and matte finishes​​.

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Visit Series

Maximizing Minimal Spaces:

Tailored for the spatially conscious, the Visit series brings functionality to even the most compact of areas. This series is a testament to Bauformat's commitment to design freedom, offering a wide range of decors and handles, complemented by the convenience of TipOn for a handle-free experience​.

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Bau bathrooms Badea flow collection flow1 milieuBau bathrooms Badea flow collection flow napoli black bu 3
Bau bathrooms Badea flow collection napoli milieuBau Bathroom completed jobs

Flow Range

A Fluid Design Aesthetic:

The Flow range encapsulates a design philosophy that marries form with function, characterized by its smooth, organic contours. This collection allows for a personal touch with a select palette of front decors and handles, embodying a sense of style that is both unique and timeless​​.

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Innovate, Elevate, Inspire: The Bauformat Way

In a world where the ordinary is easy to come by, Bauformat invites you to demand more: more elegance, more customization, and more dedication to the art of living well. Because with Bauformat, you're not just designing a bathroom; you're curating an experience, a retreat where every day begins and ends with the perfect blend of comfort and luxury.

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