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Discover the Bauformat Series, where unparalleled elegance and cutting-edge design fuse to set new standards in kitchen luxury. Each detail, from the sleek Melamine to the rich Wood Veneer, is a testament to Bauformat's mastery of form and function. This collection isn't just crafted; it's curated to inspire, offering a bespoke sanctuary where culinary dreams are born. German engineering's precision meets aesthetic innovation, transforming every space into a tableau of modern sophistication. Welcome to the Bauformat Series – where your kitchen becomes a masterpiece of contemporary living.

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Wood Veneer

Immerse in the warmth of Bauformat's wood veneer fronts, where each piece weaves the serenity of nature into your kitchen, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty and contemporary design.
Bauformat | Wood Veneer

Glass Laminate

Discover the allure of Bauformat's glass laminate: a symphony of light and luxury, transforming kitchens into spaces of sheer elegance.
Bauformat | Glass laminate
A modern kitchen with black cabinet design and wooden accents.
Bauformat BC Kitchen cabinets Bauformat series enigma 224 porto s 3


Unlock the splendor of Bauformat's lacquered fronts, where sophistication meets durability, crafting spaces that resonate with elegance and stand the test of time.
Bauformat | Lacquered


Transform your kitchen with Bauformat's melamine fronts: where the pinnacle of durability meets sleek design, creating spaces that are as enduring as they are elegant.
Bauformat | Melamine
Modern rustic kitchen with natural light, featuring wooden beams, light wood cabinetry from the Bauformat Melamine series, and integrated appliances.
Modern kitchen with light laminate cabin doors, a black countertop, and two white bar stools. Black backsplash and appliances. Vase with plant on the counter. Upper cabinets have glass-front doors displaying dishes.


Step into the future with Bauformat's laminate fronts, where cutting-edge durability blends with chic design, crafting spaces that not only endure but inspire.
Bauformat | Laminate
Bauformat isn’t just about building kitchens; it’s about forging memories and crafting spaces that resonate with your lifestyle. As we continue to innovate and expand our horizons, we invite you to be a part of our journey, a journey where every kitchen tells a story – your story.
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