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German Engineering Meets Artistry in Kitchen Design

Welcome to Bauformat BC, your premier destination for exquisite German kitchen cabinets in Metro Vancouver. Our collections, including the opulent Baulux series, the versatile Bauformat series, and the budget-friendly Burger series, are a testament to German precision and aesthetic finesse.

Our Signature Approach

A Symphony of Quality and Tailored Design
At Bauformat, we are not just creating kitchens; we're sculpting living spaces where functionality meets artistry, and innovation blends with tradition. Our mission is to infuse every home with a slice of German excellence, offering cabinetry that’s not only engineered to perfection but also designed to echo your individual style and sophistication.
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Awesome Features

Our Exquisite Range

Baulux, Bauformat, and Burger Series Unveiled
German high end kitchen cabinets BT45 ADR Series


Step into a world of luxury with Baulux, where exclusivity is paired with contemporary design for the discerning homeowner.

Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, black countertops, an island, and stainless steel appliances. Large windows allow natural light to pour in, highlighting the dining table with its decorative light fixture. Mixing styles effectively in kitchen design creates a harmonious and inviting space.


The Bauformat series is the embodiment of flexibility and elegance, offering a myriad of customization options for those who refuse to settle.

Modern kitchen with black and white color scheme, gold accents, and sleek German kitchen cabinets. Burger Lacquered laminate Series


The Burger series brings the essence of German craftsmanship to a broader audience, harmonizing durability with style, suited for various home environments.

Baucloset German luxury closet systems space series glass doors luxury c

Extending Elegance Beyond Kitchens

Custom Closets and Refined Bathroom Vanities

Our commitment to elegance extends to every corner of your home. Explore our custom closet lines—Space, Trend, Eco—and premium bathroom vanity sets. Meticulously crafted to blend with your life, each design is a testament to our pursuit of perfection, marrying quality with a timeless aesthetic. These pieces aren't just part of your home; they're the heart of it!