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Elevating Design Collaboration

The Bau Family Partner Program is an invitation to distinction. We offer an intimate collaboration platform, capped to ensure quality engagement and focus on each designer's unique vision. This is your opportunity to align with the best, showcasing your work on a stage that acknowledges and rewards design virtuosity.
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Silhouetted handshake in front of window blinds, celebrating the launch of a Partner's program for interior designers in Vancouver.

Exclusive Benefits

Privileged Pricing:

Access the Bau portfolio at preferential rates, enabling you to provide your clients with the pinnacle of design at an unparalleled value.

Recognition and Awards:

Your work deserves to be celebrated. That's why we honour outstanding designs with awards, spotlighting your talent and dedication.

Engagement and Education:

Dive deeper into the world of high-end design with informational sessions and live events hosted at our showroom in Yaletown, Vancouver. These gatherings are not just informative but are designed to inspire and foster community among our partners.

Client Involvement:

Enhance your client relationships by inviting them to exclusive Bauformat BC events, offering them a preview into the meticulous process that defines the extraordinary.

Why Join Us?

Bauformat is not just a brand; it's a legacy of unmatched precision, quality, and aesthetic brilliance. Becoming a part of the Bau Family is more than joining a program; it's aligning with a philosophy that values design, quality, and innovation above all. It's an opportunity to challenge yourself, to grow, and to be recognized among the best in British Columbia.
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Remember, spaces are limited, reflecting our commitment to personal growth and project excellence.
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